On July 4th, 2008, I, along with a brave group of fellow students, hereafter known as Cohort 9, embarked on our mission: to achieve doctoral status in the realm of educational leadership.

    This is the story of  my particular experience in the pursuit of 

“The Prize” (I have kept my eye on it, Dr. Dunlop).

    As with anything worthwhile, it is always better shared. My thanks to my wonderful professors, Dr. Jonathan Hughes, Dr. Frank Smith, and Dr. Korynne Taylor- Dunlop, who stretched and reshaped my thinking and understanding.

    Many thanks to Cohort 9 :  You kept me going and inspired me. The walks and talks around St. John’s were a bonus.

Cohort 9 Members

Chelsea Brown          Izzet Mergen    

Alesia Holewinski        Charlie Regan

Donna Jones                Christian Soto

Gary Lamm                    Brett Truitt

    Please follow the links above for a full investigation of  my Doctoral pursuit.

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“A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Chinese Proverb

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